Problems with Mexican Copyright Law: Camcording

Luis C. Schmidt and Fernanda Díaz from OLIVARES and Ana Maria Magaña from MPAA, explore some of the problems with Mexican Copyright Law by looking into camcording and outline some of the changes needed to help solve the problems.

Artificial intelligence and copyright

Maria Diaz from Uhthoff, Gomez Vega & Uhthoff, S.C explores the growing trend of artificial intelligence, specifically looking into robots and the regulation and protection of such AI.

Klacht Delict: the prevailing copyright law in Indonesia

Nadya P G Djajadiningrat from HarvesPat considers law enforcement in the field of Copyright Law in Indonesia by looking closely at Klacht Delict (complain-based delict).

Books into films: reserved rights and creative control

Claudia Roggero from Dandi Media explores the copyright laws necessary to consider turning a literature piece into a motion picture, considering the literary property option and purchase agreements.

Important Canadian copyright developments

Jill Jarvis-Tonus, Catherine Lovrics, and Max Rothschild from Bereskin & Parr LLP explore recent developments on copyright protection in Canada for data and databases and look into recent decisions on the scope of users’ rights.

Don’t “copy wrong” in Sweden

Petter Rindforth from Fenix legal investigates Swedish copyright laws by considering some of the major judgments and law progresses in recent years.

Copyright vs. Trademarks: Can logos be protected by copyright?

Claudia Ray and Bonnie L. Jarrett from Kirkland and Ellis LLP explore trademark and copyright laws in the USA with respect to logos and the potential to enhance protection for logos using copyright law.

Meme copyright: Can you laugh away the law?

Sophia Höttinger from Copytrack looks into the copyright law that surrounds viral internet sensations in the form of memes.

Designs on Brexit – an overview of the legal landscape

Margaret Briffa from Briffa focuses on the consequences of a change in the regime for design businesses that rely heavily on a bundle of complimentary rights for protection both domestic and EU wide.

EU deal on copyright a blow to the internet

Today, trilogue negotiations on the Copyright Directive have finalised a text containing a worrying version of Article 11, on the link tax, and the most negative version of Article 13, concerning upload filters, to date. It goes beyond any text the Parliament has...

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Wrestling superstar sues makers of Call of Duty

WWE Hall of Fame wrestler Booker T. Huffman has filed a copyright infringement suit against publishers of hit video game franchise "Call of Duty," with claims the in-game character "Prophet" is too similar to "G.I. Bro" a special operations soldier in a comic book he...

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Article of the week #2: Don’t “copy wrong” in Sweden

In January last year, the Swedish government ordered an investigation into “Penalty scales for certain serious infringements of intellectual property”. Supreme Court Justice Mr. Dag Mattson was appointed as a special investigator to consider the need for stricter...

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