Maria Diaz from Uhthoff, Gomez Vega & Uhthoff, S.C explores the growing trend of artificial intelligence, specifically looking into robots and the regulation and protection of such AI.

Fifty years ago, science fiction imagined that one day the world would populate with robots, that they would do everything for us or that even the world would be governed by them and although the latter has not happened, it is very true that artificial intelligence is a subject that today is everywhere, becoming increasingly essential in the lives of human beings.
What is artificial intelligence?
According to the authors Rich and Knight (1994) and Stuart (1996), artificial intelligence is that capacity of machines to perform the same tasks as human beings. Nebendah (1988) and Delgado (1998) define it as the field of study that focuses on the explanation and emulation of intelligent behavior based on computational processes based on experience and continuous knowledge of the environment.

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