A COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT LAWSUIT has been filed by a New York-based Jazz musician against Chance the Rapper for a sample song that appeared on his 2012 debut mixtape ‘10 day’, Abdul Wali-Muhammad (formerly known as Eric P. Saunders), the plaintiff in the case, is alleging that he composed ‘Bridge Through Time’, which chance uses a sample of in his song “Windows”.

In his lawsuit, Muhammad accuses the rapper of “blatant and willful infringement” of his song and demands that he stop “copying, distributing, performing, selling or offering to sell” ‘Windows’. Muhammad is listed as ‘Bridge Through Time’s sole composer after he filed a copyright claim for it in 1979. He is also credited as a co-writer on UGK’s ‘Candy’ and Conscious Daughters’ ‘We Roll Deep’, both of which sample the tune. The trouble occurred after ‘10 day’ was mistakenly uploaded to iTunes and Apple Music this year, with Chance tweeting about the incident:

“10 day was fraudulently put on iTunes and applemusic. It’ll be down shortly. 10day and acid rap will always be inclusive, elusive and free.”

Muhammad has requested Chance the Rapper cease any attempts to sell the track, even though originally the album was only uploaded to free music sharing sites and was never meant to be for purchase purposes.