A new lawsuit against Peloton states the company offers thousands of unlicensed songs from artists like Rihanna, Bruno Mars and Drake. According to a lawsuit filed in New York on Tuesday, a group of music publishers allege that the fitness-tech company has been using songs from Ed Sheeran, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Drake, Bruno Mars and Ariana Grande without permission.

Peloton, which launched in 2012, offers a subscription service with roughly 13,000 home workouts, which feature songs and playlists as part of the workout. The 10 publishers waging the suit say the company has knowingly violated copyright on thousands of songs since it launched at-home streaming features on its exercise equipment in 2014 by failing to obtain the requisite sync license required under U.S. copyright rules.

The exercise company has recently been bolstering its existing video-and-media offerings, with partnerships with media start-ups. A spokesperson had stated the company was “invested heavily to build a best-in-breed reporting and licensing system” and is evaluating the legal complaint.

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