Warner Bros Entertainment is suing a Hong Kong Harry Potter-themed cafe for copyright infringement. In a filing to the High Court on Tuesday, the Hollywood producer accused the Cafe of infringing the copyright of its artistic works and demanded an unspecified sum of damages, a removal order plus multiple injunctions in compensation.

The cafe’s use of Hong Kong-registered trademarks included “Harry Potter”, “quidditch” and “muggles”, and Chinese names of the film’s characters, such as “Professor McGonagall’s magical salad” and “the dementor’s kiss”.

The US company also took issue with the cafe’s displaying of iconic elements seen in the movie franchise, like the luggage trolley protruding from a wall, the Hogwarts Express train ticket and the Gryffindor coat of arms.

Although visitors to the cafe are reminded that “9 3/4 cafe is not related to Warner Bros Entertainment Inc, lawyers for Warner Bros Entertainment found the cafe was infringing the company’s copyright and took legal action.

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