Netflix has been hit with a lawsuit over its documentary series, “Wild Wild Country”, with claims that the producers stole portions of copyrighted work from a Swiss-based company that represents the series subject Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh.

Michael Hilow, filmaker who’s footage was used, is also suing the streaming company for copyright infringement, stating they used footage from his 1993 documentary without his consent. The directors, Chapman Way, Maclain Wayare, and the production company, Duplass Brothers Productions, are named in the suit.

The company representing Bhagwan’s Osho International Foundation claims it informed Netflix about the alleged infringement last year, but failed to get an adequate response. They are now asking the court to grant an injunction against further infringing the copyrighted works, and is seeking damages and disgorgement of Netflix’s profits.

Netflix has recently been riddled with copyright infringement suits, with the publishing company behind the “Choose Your Own Adventure” novels suing Netflix for $25 million in damages over the show “Bandersnatch,” and the streaming company also recently settled a $50 million lawsuit related to “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” in November 2018.

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