Genius accuses Google of stolen song lyrics

Genius accuses Google of stolen song lyrics

In the current situation, there is less of an issue of Intellectual Property Rights (namely copyright) due to the fact Genius does not own the rights. The issue at hand actually concerns the redirection of users from Genius to Google’s own platform as the snippet...

EU hit Nike with €12.5m fine

Nike has been hit with a €12.5m fine for blocking cross-border sales of soccer merchandise of some of Europe’s biggest clubs. The European Commission said the U.S. sportswear company's illegal practices occurred from 2004 to 2017 and related to licensed merchandise...

New U.S. copyright bill proposed

New U.S. copyright bill could create Copyright Claims Board at the US Copyright Office. The bill is aimed at reducing costs and burden for creators defending their intellectual property. Democrat congressman Hakeem Jeffries proposed the Copyright Alternative in...

EU Parliament votes in favour of copyright directive

The European Parliament voted on Tuesday in favor of the new law to reform how copyrighted content posted online is governed. The legislation passed yesterday with 348 votes against 274 votes. The EU Copyright Directive has been heavily debated since its conception...

TrueLake files infringement suit against audio platform Ximalaya

Leading publisher of Mandarin audiobooks TrueLake Holdings Limited announced it had filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against Ximalaya, an Internet audio platform in China, purported to have over 400 million registered users. The lawsuit, filled in Beijing,...

Playboy sues Boing Boing

Playboy magazines have filed a lawsuit against Boing Boing, accusing them of copyright infringement


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