Veteran videogame manufacturer Nintendo is intensifying its copyright war against YouTube channels hosting music from its popular games.

With its latest copyright takedown notice, Nintendo, which is responsible for many long-running and much-loved franchises such as Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda and Animal Crossing, has turned its attention to unofficial game music channel GilvaSunner, which has been hosting music from Nintendo games since 2010. With almost 900 million views, the channel has proven extremely popular with Nintendo fans, who have often found that music from their favourite games can only be enjoyed via such channels. Fans have expressed frustration in the past that Nintendo has generally failed to make its original soundtracks available through “legitimate” means such as streaming services or on physical media, especially outside of Japan, where many such OSTs are far more readily available.

The action against GilvaSunner follows a series of similar copyright takedown notices in recent months. Despite its family-friendly image, Nintendo has long shown no mercy in its rigorous defence of its intellectual property (IP), an approach that seems set to continue despite the fact that it is often the most ardent, self-declared Nintendo fans that find themselves in the Japanese software giant’s sights.

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