Nintendo intensifies copyright war against YouTube

Nintendo intensifies copyright war against YouTube

Veteran videogame manufacturer Nintendo is intensifying its copyright war against YouTube channels hosting music from its popular games. With its latest copyright takedown notice, Nintendo, which is responsible for many long-running and much-loved franchises such as...

Genius accuses Google of stolen song lyrics

Genius accuses Google of stolen song lyrics

In the current situation, there is less of an issue of Intellectual Property Rights (namely copyright) due to the fact Genius does not own the rights. The issue at hand actually concerns the redirection of users from Genius to Google’s own platform as the snippet...

Copyrights in a smart city

Copyrights in a smart city

Copyrights- as known- are unique legal tool, allowing immediate, affordable and available protection of all works. Unlike ideas and thoughts, these works can be documented, protected, shared and used by their owners just like any other property. Dr. Edna Pasher...

EU Parliament votes in favour of copyright directive

The European Parliament voted on Tuesday in favor of the new law to reform how copyrighted content posted online is governed. The legislation passed yesterday with 348 votes against 274 votes. The EU Copyright Directive has been heavily debated since its conception...

TrueLake files infringement suit against audio platform Ximalaya

Leading publisher of Mandarin audiobooks TrueLake Holdings Limited announced it had filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against Ximalaya, an Internet audio platform in China, purported to have over 400 million registered users. The lawsuit, filled in Beijing,...

More Copyright News

Fourth Estate Public Benefit Corp. v.

Eric R. Moran, partner with McDonnell Boehnen Hulbert & Berghoff LLP, walks through and examines the U.S. Supreme court decision on when rights owners can instigate litigation on their copyrighted works.

Practical implications of SCOTUS copyright decisions from the 2018-2019 term

In-house attorney at Getty Images Paul Reinitz discusses how U.S. Supreme Court decisions on recent cases can affect rights holders from defending their copyrights.

A summary of fermenting issues in embedding, upload filter, and snippets

Intellectual property and entertainment lawyer David Ma examines and summarizes recent US and EU developments that may change the way social media interacts with copyrighted material.

Many design businesses may not have protection from copying in Europe, and Brexit could make it worse

Simon Clark of Bristows explains an ongoing uncertainty over the availability of unregistered Community design protection, particularly for non-EU companies, and highlights a major change in UK design law after Brexit.

26th March 2019: The Copyright Directive received final approval of the European Parliament

Th e draft Directive fi rst published in September 2016 introduced sweeping changes to the way in which copyright will be enforced in the EU.

The new Copyright Directive: An analysis of its most controversial articles

Sarah Blair, an Associate at Bristows LLP, analyzes the key provisions of the proposed Copyright Directive, concerning online platform liability, the press publishers’ right and the text and data mining exceptions.

Fashion and cultural expressions

Javier Uhthoff-Rojo, associate of Uhthoff, Gómez Vega & Uhthoff, discusses cultural traditions and designs and what IP protections are afforded to them.

Statutory recapture of rights under U.S. Copyright Law

U.S. entertainment lawyer Marc Jacobson outlines how to recapture rights under copyright.

An overview of the role of contracts in copyright

Advocate of The High Court of Kenya Sharon M. Chahale provides insight into how contracts can determine various aspects of copyright rights.

Royalty is yet to take its own place in the heart of copyright holders in Bangladesh

Wolora Afrin Rasna, President of the Licensing & Collecting Society for Cinematograph Film (LCSCF) and Legal consultant for the Copyright offi ce Bangladesh, addresses copyright ignorance amongst creators in Bangladesh and offers remedies to understanding IP.

Creating a mentally healthy workplace

For Mental Health Awareness Week (13-19 May), LawCare CEO Elizabeth Rimmer looks at what legal workplaces can do to look after the wellbeing of their workforce.

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