Playboy magazines have filed a lawsuit against Boing Boing, accusing them of copyright infringement. It is alleged that the offbeat news blog has infringed by linking a YouTube Video and an Imgur gallery that showed every centerfold from Playboy magazine through the years.

Although Boing Boing was not involved in the creation of the gallery or the video, but because of its association with the infringement, it may have to pay substantial compensation fees.

Nonetheless, Boing Boing has hit back calling the case “baseless”, “bizarre”, and claiming to have done nothing wrong except link, which is common practice in blogs and major media outlets.

If Playboy wins this case, it will have huge implications for every single outlet that has ever linked out to other people’s content.

EFF Senior Staff Attorney Daniel Nazer said in a statement:

“Boing Boing’s reporting and commenting on the Playboy photos is protected by copyright’s fair use doctrine. We’re asking the court to dismiss this deeply flawed lawsuit. Journalists, scientists, researchers, and everyday people on the web have the right to link to material, even copyrighted material, without having to worry about getting sued

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